//Run 9 & Lead Legs

Run 9 & Lead Legs

Day 9 Run

Run Nine  (Week 3, Day 3):

  • 5-minute warm-up walk
  • warm-up lunges
  • 1 minutes of running
  • 2 minutes of walking
  • repeat run/walk interval 10-times (27 minutes)
  • cooldown walk
  • calf raises
  • sit-ups

Friday was GREAT weather. There was a cool breeze. Low’ish humidity. I could breathe the air…and so you think this would make for a pleasant run?! Nope. Last run of the week. I should be more used to the extended intervals. Nope. I struggled through the WHOLE THING! I even cut short my last interval because I was just done. Cooked. Give out. Gravity was turned up to 11, and my legs just simply could not support themselves. Some days are just tough. But I did it. It’s done. Moving on!

Run Regrets:

I always have run regrets or little nagging things that tweak my brain while I run.

  • Lead Legs

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