//Run 6 & The Running Partner

Run 6 & The Running Partner

Day 6 - Running with Friend

Run Six  (Week 2, Day 3):

  • 5-minute warm-up walk
  • warm-up lunges
  • 1 minutes of running
  • 2 minutes of walking
  • repeat run/walk interval 7-times (21 minutes)
  • cooldown walk
  • stretches (especially calf stretches)

My GPS gets its own workout when I run with a partner because I’m constantly doing the “friend” loop. And 10th fastest run since 2012?! I’m going to have to go back and look at all my stats.

OMG! I have a running buddy! Of course, I am the weak link, so it is more of an accountability partnership. Because I run in intervals and she runs continuously I will have to figure out timing, but that will come. But, YAY! Ok. so the last of Week 2 came to an end.  I managed to PR every day this week since “starting over?!” My breathing is feeling a bit more manageable towards the end of the week. However, my legs are so weak and they feel like lead. I’ve been sore and moaning every time I move this weekend. I had a wardrobe malfunction towards the end of my 6th run which makes me think I’ll be on the search for a new running bra soon. I don’t want to spend any more money on run gear; however, I went to Dick’s on Saturday and they were having a sale on run gear. I managed to find a pair of Nike bike shorts 50% off (not chaffing rules!) and a new running hat (full-price unfortunately.) SRH like the hat too, so I imagine that I might be sharing it.

Run Regrets:

I always have run regrets or little nagging things that tweak my brain while I run.

  • I need a reliable sports bra.
  • I need stronger legs.
  • I should be drinking more water.
  • I need a new hat. Got one!

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