Run 3 Pissed Me Off

//Run 3 Pissed Me Off

Run 3 Pissed Me Off

Day 3 Stank

Day Three of the new plan:

  • 5-minute warm-up walk
  • warm-up lunges
  • 30 seconds of running
  • 2 minutes of walking
  • repeat run/walk interval 8-times (20 minutes)
  • cooldown walk
  • stretches
Fastest Run This Week

While I’m not totally surprised that my third None to Run stunk, it is always disappointing. However, I knew it would happen. Like SRH  said, “your body figured out what you were up to and goes…NOPE.” And that’s what it felt like. My legs would not move for anything! They weren’t as sore as I thought they would be, but they just didn’t want to move. It’s like gravity increased two-fold on the little trail I was on. Which pissed me off. Which caused me to run faster than I did all week. (Go figure.) It really made me happy for the 2 day rest period. New week on Tuesday!!!

Side note: I’m a complainer. It’s not all the time. I do it to talk outloud problems in order to find solutions. I like fixing things and making them better. But, if it’s agravating me, I’m going to talk through it. This is one of the MAIN reason I’m doing this website. To TALK THROUGH IT! And because I see all these positive blogs and happy faces and I want to start throat punching people because either: 1 – They are made of better stuff than I am. Or 2 – they are lying and not really sharing their struggle. It’s the same problem I had when I was pregnant. Pregnancy was such an alien exprience for me and I kept waiting for the joy and jubilation that EVERYONE was talking about. NO ONE LET THEIR MASK SLIP. So, I felt completely isolated and alone. I did find one book called Pregnancy SUCKS! by Joanne Kimes and thank the goddess! At least there was one person in the universe that didn’t find pregnancy and “natural experience.” Anyway…back to running. Or trying to run. If one person finds my working through my 5K experience helpful or just relieved that someone sucks worse they they do, that will make me happy.

Run Regrets:

I always have run regrets or little nagging things that tweak my brain while I run.

  • I couldn’t play music while listening to the podcast instruction. This is still a problem. I’m going to have to fix this shit.
  • It is getting uncomfortably warm. Like when I toy with the idea of becoming the Running Thick & Nekked Chic. Other than not wanting to scar people and being arrested, I’m going to have to find lighter clothing that doesn’t cost much because I have no money to spend on new running clothes.

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