//Run 13 & Monday Was Work

Run 13 & Monday Was Work

Day 13

Run Thirteen (Week 5, Day 1):

  • Dehydrated
  • 5-minute warm-up walk
  • 1.5 minutes of running
  • 1 minutes of walking
  • repeat run/walk interval 10-times (25 minutes)
  • drink water with Emergen-C
  • calf raises
  • sit-ups

Why are Monday runs gotta be so hard?

Monday Run 13.  13. That seems appropriate. Ying & Yang. As last week was my best week so far, Monday was bad. It’s the first time, I’ve also had to deal with mosquitos being a problem on my morning run. I like to run in the mornings because the bugs are less of an issue than in the evenings. Not this morning. I also was hoping that the same amount of runtime and less walk time would not be that big of a deal. Not this morning. I struggled with only a minute recovery time in between intervals. It felt horrible.

Run Regrets:

I always have run regrets or little nagging things that tweak my brain while I run.

  • Why did I not put bug spray on?
Heat & Humidity Scale

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