//Run 11 & I Feel Amazing!

Run 11 & I Feel Amazing!

Day 11

Run Eleven  (Week 4, Day 2):

  • Stretched hips
  • Warm-up lunges
  • 5-minute warm-up walk
  • 1.5 minutes of running
  • 2 minutes of walking
  • repeat run/walk interval 8-times (30 minutes)
  • ran last walk interval!!!
  • drink water with Emergen-C
  • calf raises
  • sit-ups

What a difference a day makes! Oh my glob! I can’t believe how great the run felt today! I didn’t want to stop and I actually ran my last walk interval! The humitity dropped and we had a breeze. I wore my new Dr. Schol’s Running inserts and a new running bra. There were minor issues I’ll list down below. But at one point I put my phone in my Spibelt and just ran. My breathing was easy and my pace was set and I felt like I could go on forever!!!! Things I did today today prerun. I haven’t had a chance to use StopPain, so I rubbed BioFreeze on my lower back and my knees before my run this morning and I spent a little extra time stretching hips and legs. I’m just so excited that things clicked today after Monday’s horrible run. Fingers crossed for Friday!

Run Regrets:

I always have run regrets or little nagging things that tweak my brain while I run.

  • New sports bra needs to be tighter. I bounced like Bay Watch today.
  • New Dr. Schol’s Running inserts helped with knees, but the support made my feet sore.
Nice Run!

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