How it all started…

Part 1

In Spring 2012, my husband and I were both overweight by 60+ pounds each. We just started new jobs which allowed for some free time to get in a bit of exercise. So, we started walking at our local hospital track. At first, we would just walk and talk and fuss around with our iPhones. One day, my husband and I download the C25K app and pressed start. A female voice said, “RUN!” and we did! For 30 seconds until we were both happy to be so near a hospital.

Fast forward a few months later to the Summer, Hubs has dropped almost 60 pounds and got bored with the slow pace of the C25K program half-way thru and switches to half-marathon training. I’ve made it to week-3 of C25K which I did for several weeks. Over and over because I could not run more than. I could not get past week 8. Read Part 2 of my struggle!

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I'm a THICK, 5'6," 40+ woman who wants to run. (I think.)

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