How it all started…

Part 2

Soon after we started running, Skinny Runner Hubs (SRH) decides that barefoot running is the way to go. So he goes from Zero drop shoes to barefoot on the paved trail we were using during this time. Columbus, Mississippi’s River Walk is a lovely 4-mile out and back trail along the Tombigbee River. (See photo below.)

Me after 7 months of trying to complete C25K

Me after seven months of trying to complete C25K

I’m doing better but, I STILL haven’t gotten all the way through the program. SRH and I have stopped “running” together since I can barely run and he is running fast and 5-13K. One of the last times we “ran together” was down on the coast in July…2013 maybe… It was my longest run, and I got attacked by horseflies. SRH ran with me and then past me and then back with me and I was dying. I think that is the most miserable I have been running. The horsefly bites took WEEKS to heal. M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E. Hear how my running changed, but never progressed and how SRH turned into SCH in Part 3!

The River Walk
Barefoot Runner Hubs and Horsefly Bitten Me

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